Giving to Christ at Christmas


Go Above and Beyond

Giving to Christ at Christmas

Every Christmas it is our mission as a church to honor the gift God gave us in the Christ child through our annual Giving to Christ at Christmas offering.

We have the opportunity to go above and beyond our normal giving to give our first and best gift to Christ Himself at Christmas.

Below is a letter from Senior Pastor Jim White which he calls, "one of the most important letters I write every year." We hope you'll take the time to read it and consider partnering with us as the money is used strategically for the extension of His mission on Earth through the ministry and missions efforts at Meck.

Here are the ways that you can participate:

  1. Click HERE to give online.
  2. You can text-to-give by texting GTCAC23 followed by your dollar amount to 1-463-888-6325.
  3. You can give by check, made payable to Mecklenburg Community Church, and designating "Giving to Christ at Christmas" on the memo line. This check can be mailed into the church.



The Christmas season is upon us, and I am writing to ask if you and your family are willing to be a part of something that will be one of the most important investments you can make around the holidays: to give to Christ at Christmas. And I think that this year, this investment will be more critical than ever before.

I know that we live in a day of tweets and snapchats, but would you please pause for just a moment to read this letter all the way through?

Since 1994, Mecklenburg Community Church has made it our mission to honor the gift God gave us in the birth of Jesus by beginning our gift giving at Christmas with a gift to Him. This simple idea has become what is known as our annual “Giving to Christ at Christmas” gift.


The idea sparked when I saw a cartoon (pictured here) in the paper during the busyness of the holiday season and thought, “Wow… that’s what giving to Christ at Christmas really is all about.” Since that day, Meck comes together as a church to give the most generous gift we can—above and beyond our normal giving—as a direct gift to Christ Himself at Christmas to celebrate His birthday. The money is then used strategically for the work of His mission on Earth. 

In past years, the gifts given through Giving to Christ at Christmas have allowed Meck to help rebuild orphanages and churches, supply relief to hurricane survivors in North America, Central America and the Caribbean, provide safe houses for children rescued from human trafficking, and help the poor and needy in our city. Giving to Christ at Christmas has provided ongoing, strategic support to the building, development and payment for our online and in-person campuses, freeing up our annual budget to serve the daily needs of ministry and outreach to thousands of families in our community.


Every year, we turn to God for leadership and guidance as to where this gift should be invested. Here are the strategic areas where we feel God is calling us to serve, and where all of Giving to Christ at Christmas will be used:

Meck strives to make a difference in the lives of people most of us will never encounter, but who count on us so much for support. With rising inflation and economic difficulties around the globe, our partners have ever-increasing needs. Your gift will be used to support some of these amazing ministries around the world: the children of the Puerta del Cielo orphanage in Argentina; families cared for at medical clinics across the country of Guatemala; girls who've been rescued from the brothels in the Philippines; a ministry in Southeast Asia facing ongoing persecution; the homeless and those in extreme poverty in Jamaica; children in need of financial support and educational and spiritual development through Compassion International. Additionally, your gift will be strategically used in ways we cannot even foresee yet to serve future partners or others in need of our aid. 

While it's important to serve the needs of those around the world, we feel it is equally important to serve the organizations and ministries in our own backyard. Your gift will provide ongoing support for relief to the working poor, children of the poor and elderly through organizations such as Crisis Assistance Ministry and Second Harvest Food Bank. It will allow us to provide companionship for the elderly through our assisted living ministry, to build homes through Habitat for Humanity, and to assist Supportive Housing Communities in providing affordable housing to our unhoused neighbors. 

Finally, as in years past, your gift will support the heart of our mission, which is to reach those who are far from Christ. A strategic investment will be made toward the ongoing needs of our physical and online campuses as we continue to grow and fulfill Christ’s mission to the world.

So once again, this Christmas, let’s give to Christ. We depend on this annual gift to serve so many people and partners, so I am asking you to please give the most generous gift you can. To give online, please visit where you’ll find the link for Giving to Christ at Christmas. This is the easiest way to give. For those who prefer to give by check, please make it payable to Mecklenburg Community Church and put “GTCAC” on the memo line. You can either bring your gift with you in the enclosed giving envelope to the Christmas at Meck service you plan to attend or simply drop it in the mail. 

I realize that you are being absolutely bombarded with requests to give to so many causes during the holidays. Many might be worthy, but most will not truly represent giving to Christ—and that’s what Christmas is all about. This is why Susan and I have made the commitment to have our biggest and best Christmas gift go each year to Christ through this effort.  


Whatever you do, please make sure your support for this effort is above and beyond your regular level of giving to Meck. The Giving to Christ at Christmas effort is meant to be a special, one-time gift in response to God’s gift to us. The church’s regular budget needs will be as present in December as any other month and need our continued support and faithfulness.

Thanks so much for reading this letter. And thank you in advance for what I know you’ll pray about and eventually give as God leads. It is a joy and a privilege to be your pastor and to partner to do such incredible things as this.

In Christ,

We have the opportunity to go above and beyond our normal giving to give our first and best gift to Christ himself at Christmas.

- One of the most important things we do all year. -