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Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change. Here at Mecklenburg Community Church (Meck), we celebrate this! Whether you are ready to take this next step, still checking things out, or want to know more about what baptism could mean for your life, we are here for you.

If you are ready to go public with your faith and get baptized - whether in person or online - we could not be more excited for you. This is the first thing God calls us to when we enter into a relationship with Him, so yes, it is a big deal! 

If you have a child who is ready to get baptized, we are ready to celebrate this decision in their life. Due to the depth and weight of deciding to get baptized, we baptize children second grade and older. In addition to that, we require all second through fifth graders to attend a MecKidz Baptism Orientation class with their parents or guardians. These are offered leading up to the baptism celebration.

The next baptism celebration will be held on September 15 following our 9:30 and 11 a.m. in-person services as well as offered online at 4 p.m. through our Online Campus. See below for more details and to register!

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Get Baptized
Get Baptized

If you would like to go public about your decision to be a Christ-follower, whether that's in person or online, Meck would love to share this amazing experience with you.

Meckidz Baptism Orientation
Meckidz Baptism Orientation

To ensure kids getting baptized understand their decision, Meck does not baptize anyone younger than second grade. We also require any child 2nd - 5th Grade who is interested in being baptized to attend MecKidz Baptism Orientation with their parent or guardian first.


Not sure about Baptism?

Below are ten of the most commonly asked questions about baptism with answers from Meck's Senior Pastor, Jim White.
If you would prefer to read through the questions, rather than listen, you can do that also.

1. What if I don't want to get wet?
2. What if I don't know what to expect?
3. What if I don't have my act together?
4. What if I want to rededicate my life to Jesus?
5. What if my family can't come?
6. What if I'm not sure I want to join this church?
7. What if I was baptized as a baby or a very young child?
8. What if I just don't think it's really that urgent?
9. What if I've been a Christian for years - doesn't it seem weird to do it now?
10. What if I'm not sure I can keep up a life in a relationship with Jesus?

Online Baptism

Biblically, baptism is a sacrament to be administered by the church as a public declaration of your faith in Jesus. Where you get baptized doesn’t legitimize it, rather the oversight and public nature of it does. Whether you participate in one of Meck’s baptism services in person or online, we believe that we have a process in place that makes this experience truly legitimate and life changing.

First of all, we believe that if offering a baptism service online creates opportunities for more people to take this all important step - we are all in. Second, due to the growth of our Online Campus we realize that there are many people who consider Meck their church home who do not live in the Charlotte area - or even people in the Charlotte area who missed our recent in-person baptism service. We do not want this to be a barrier that keeps people from taking this all important step in their faith journey.

You are right - baptism is to be a public profession of your faith. While participants are encouraged to invite family and friends to join them in person for the baptism, through the use of technology and streaming to Meck’s Online Campus each participant will publicly declare their faith before others, meeting this very important biblical mandate.

You will need to have access to the internet, be able to connect to Zoom, and have your camera and microphone turned on. For most people this will be easily accomplished by using their cell phone, laptop or tablet. (Obviously, to keep your technology safe we recommend you have a third person - not the person immersing you in the water - who will be running the Zoom.)

Unfortunately, if you cannot meet the technological requirements you will not be able to participate at this time. The technological requirement is critical to providing the necessary pastoral oversight for the baptism service. 

Meck’s Online Baptism Service is open to anyone who has made a decision for Christ and is ready to take this next step. Your geographic location does not determine your participation in the Online Baptism Service.

Absolutely! Join us by logging on to Meck’s Online Campus at the scheduled date/time to witness the Online Baptism Service.

The more the merrier! If you have friends and family who are not able to physically be with you for your baptism, just share the link to Meck’s Online Campus and invite them to log on at the scheduled date and time to join us!

One of Meck’s Pastors will oversee the baptism and be the one who officiates the service and sacrament itself. However, you will want to choose someone to be with you who is able to serve as the Pastor's “hands,” lowering you into the water and bringing you back up. Preferably, the individual serving in this role would be someone who has already crossed the line of faith and entered into a relationship with Jesus, as it is important for them to share in the spirit of this moment with you.

“As they rode along, they came to some water, and the eunuch said, ‘Look! There’s some water! Why can’t I be baptized?’” (Acts 8:36)

This is part of the fun of Meck’s Online Baptism Service - you get to choose where you get baptized! Whether a lake, the ocean, a river, a pool, the bathtub - it doesn’t matter where it is. You just need to make sure you can be fully immersed in the water AND have access to a phone or laptop allowing you to be online for the service.

The Online Baptism Service will not be canceled due to weather. However, if you’re planning to be baptized in an outdoor location, it might be a good idea to have a back-up plan in the event that there is inclement weather in your area. 

Absolutely! If you have a child who is ready to get baptized, we are ready to celebrate this decision in their life. As with our in-person baptism services, we require all second through fifth graders choosing to get baptized to attend the MecKidz Baptism Orientation class with a parent or guardian. We believe that baptism is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so we want to ensure that your child understands the depth and meaning of this decision.

We recommend dark colors, but whether you wear a swimsuit or shorts and a T-shirt that’s totally up to you. We just want you to be comfortable.

Please reach out to baptism@mecklenburg.org to let us know of any challenges you are facing and we will work with you as best we can.

You can register for any upcoming baptism service, whether in person or online, HERE.

We are currently offering an Online Baptism Service during the summer. Each spring and fall we will evaluate the possibility of offering it alongside our in-person baptism service as well.