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Interested in volunteering in The Grounds? That’s great! The Grounds is so much more than just a bookstore or coffee shop. On the weekends it’s a high-energy, fast-paced hub for community, conversation and connection. During the week, it’s the perfect retreat spot to get together with a friend or spend some much needed “you time.” And while The Grounds may have coffee in its veins, it has missions in its heart. All of our proceeds support Meck’s local and global missions’ efforts as well as the ministries of the church. So if you love people, books, or caffeine, The Grounds has a role suited for your uniqueness.

A few great things about serving in The Grounds…

You get to be a part of The Grounds’ family – a close-knit group of volunteers who laugh, serve and do life together.

You can serve during the week! In addition to the weekend, The Grounds is open Monday-Thursday, which means we have plenty of serving opportunities that will accommodate your schedule.

You get to connect guests to life-changing resources that will help them and others to discover the heart of God.

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Grounds Team

We have tons of different volunteer roles! Take a look...

The multi-tasker who prepares the majority of The Grounds’ beverages and dictates the momentum.

The warm smile who offers free drinks and genuine hospitality to all of Meck’s guests.

The shot puller and caffeine addict who runs “Bessie”, our beloved espresso machine.

The hard-working Barista who serves guests at a record speed without compromising sincere connection.

The book guru who connects guests to all the awesome resources on our bookshelves.

The student-apprentice who supports the team with their energy and service.

The task-completer who directs drink flow and organizes the orders.

The extrovert who assists customers in and finding their online orders, helps with quality control and supports the Captain.

The menu expert who recommends cafe orders, rings up purchases and thanks guests for their support.

The fast-moving volunteer who brews coffee and quickly delivers drinks to our guests.

The multi-faceted, multi-equipped, multi-wonderful team member who runs The Grounds during the week.