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We believe that being a part of the church is not about religion, but a relationship with Jesus. We consider it a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and around the world. For over thirty years we have welcomed people to join us as they are; there isn't a mold you have to fit before you walk through our doors. And it's a place where you can come with all of your questions, no matter what they are.

Hear From

Real People...


My son & his family are members and they frequently invite me 2 join them. Pastor Jim is AWESOME, he teaches from the Bible & explains scriptures so everyone can understand them. Terrific family oriented place of worship & a diverse membership, I always feel WELCOME!

- Lucy T. -

Love this Church. It's hard to find a church that the whole family wants to go back to. And the Sr. Pastor's style is amazing. He teaches you about God and the Bible. I feel like I get more out of that then if someone was preaching to me.

- Billy C. - 

The people are warm and welcoming. The first time I attended service, I became a member.

- Tendra G. - 

I love the community at this church! Everyone has made us feel so comfortable coming in as we were finding our church home, and we are always feeling like we are growing in our faith through the lessons and plans that are shared. Thank you, Meck!

- Jenn T. -

I attended Meck Online and wasn't expecting much to be honest with you. I mean it's church and church people ... chatting???
But wow, I was not prepared. 
The service? So engaging.
The woman singing? Phenomenal.
The church reaching outside it's walls with actual money vs. hoarding it? So refreshing.
The chat? What can I say that captures how it made me feel?
It was fun, like actually fun. And yet I was learning too.
It was authentic, like people were talking like normal people, not church people. Does that make sense?
It felt like it really was a safe place I could ask questions, which I was encouraged to do.
There was community in the chat. People knew each other, clearly, but I felt so welcome. So much so that I actually gave my real name before I logged off vs. just 'guest'. I actually can't remember the last time I went somewhere in real life and felt that welcome. But here I was experiencing it in a chat room? At a church?
And the message? I'm not a christian and a lot of the message was for christians, but he also spoke to me. I felt seen and also, I felt wanted...like he really made me feel like christians and the church should care that I'm not one. It didn't make me bristle, it made me want to come back, to listen and keep learning. You earned that...and I hope that sounds the way I meant for it too.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. I came with zero expectations and I left with a lot of reasons to come back.

- Anonymous -

My family loves attending the Meck. The first time we walked through the doors we were all impacted immediately. Friendly people at every turn, a coffee shop and bookstore, and then we discover my 1st grader has a fun climbing wall in her classroom! My children love being there and they learn so much about God. Then in the sanctuary another pleasant surprise, the worship team is amazing! Pastor Jim is an awesome speaker. He is real, brings the scriptures to life, challenges us to live Christ centered lives, and knows how to teach us to relate the Bible to our lives.

- Shane B. -

My family and I watch online every weekend and we LOVE it! The experience is designed specifically for us, and feels intimate and personal. We love how we can connect with the church from our living room. Plus, the kids online service is GREAT too! And the Meck App. Its great that Meck has so much for people who want to connect digitally.

- Jonathan W. -