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Middle School is the best. Help make it better.

We reach middle-school students for Christ and help them understand the truth of God's Word. You can serve directly with students or make things happen behind the scenes.


Make a difference.

MAXlife currently meets Sundays from 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Leaders arrive at 4 p.m. to meet before students arrive (or earlier, if you want to come and help set up). Leaders can serve in a variety of capacities, from task-oriented to relationally-orientated roles. Some leaders do both. You could serve checking students in, leading games, helping with production or worship, or simply be free to build relationships with students to lead them closer to Jesus.

No matter how you serve at MAXlife, we are here to champion families and points students towards Jesus in the middle school years. If you have a passion to walk with kids through the awkwardness of the middle school years, check out the ways you can serve!

MAXlife may meet on the weekends, but a lot has to happen during the week for it to be a success. The MAXlife Administrative Team helps with the behind-the-scenes work.

MAXlife Coaches walk alongside a group of middle school students throughout the year, building safe relationships with them and helping them to apply biblical truth to their lives.

With smiling faces and a welcoming attitude, the Check-In Team greets MAXlife students at the weekly meeting and prays for them during the service.

Create graphics for series, events, social media, and more.

Call parents of students who are new to MAXlife each week.

Edit videos for MAXlife. Capture footage at programs and events.

MAXlife Set-up Team volunteers help transform the church into an ideal environment for middle school students, while the Breakdown Team volunteers help put everything back in its place once the fun is over.

Work with the leadership team to create, record and edit weekly content for students.

Create engaging content for Instagram and other social media accounts as well as interact with our followers and serve as a resource.