Local Partners

Supportive Housing Communities

Supportive Housing Communities (SHC) is a non-profit organization that saw a nationwide housing crisis and wanted to make a difference. SHC’s mission is to provide affordable housing and to reduce homelessness in our community. One of their locations, McCreesh Place, is a place where those who have experienced chronic homelessness and are currently in recovery from addiction reside. The goal is to meet the most basic needs - housing, food, etc. - and then walk alongside those people and build community with them. 

Meck’s partnership with Supportive Housing Communities will do just that. We will walk alongside the residents, serving them in whatever capacity they most need. Meck has serving opportunities on an every-other-month basis serving a meal to residents at McCreesh Place as well as completing various projects around the building. In 2023, Meck was able to work to renovate all of the kitchens in McCreesh Place.

Find more information about SHC and what they do HERE.

*More information on this serve day will be provided to those registered the week of the serve day.



McCreesh Place - 2120 N. Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC 28205

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