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Puerta del Cielo (Heaven's Gate)

On average, of the 1900 babies that are born in Argentina every day, almost 1/2 of them are born into poverty. Every day, homeless children walk barefoot throughout subway cars, begging for money or something to eat.

And to make matters worse, more than 1/2 of the orphanages in Argentina have closed in recent years due to funding cuts by the government.

Puerta del Cielo (Heaven's Gate) is an orphanage that opened 15 years ago in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Since then, more than 200 children have passed through, receiving not only a place to lay their head at night, but also education, food in their stomachs and the love of the lord.

Meck has loved the unique opportunity to partner with this orphanage to support their mission of providing care for the little ones so precious to Christ, in Argentina. Meck has truly become an angel in their corner, as funds contributed from our 20th Anniversary offering as well as through our annual "Giving to Christ at Christmas" campaign are literally keeping their doors open. We have another opportunity to send a team from Meck there to visit with the children, organize activities for them, participate in much need construction projects on the building and grounds, and to share the love of Christ. Registration for the Argentina 2024 Global Extension Trip is now open! Click the button below for more details and to register.


Age Requirement

10 years (accompanied by an adult); 18 and older


Puerta del Cielo, Argentina