Go Team! (March 2024)


March Week 5: Easter: Prank or Truth (Did Jesus REALLY Rise from the Dead)

Did Jesus REALLY die and rise from the dead? Or was it all one big prank? MecKidz explores whether Easter was a prank... or Truth


March Week 4: Hosannah YAY JESUS!

Palm Sunday is a day to celebrate Jesus!


March Week 3: Jesus is the BEST FRIEND EVER!

On the night of Jesus' Last Supper, he washed the feet of his closest friends. This shows us that Jesus is the BEST friend ever!


March Week 2: Jesus is EVERYONE’s Friend Forever!

Jesus chose 12 disciples. 12 close friends. And they show us that Jesus loves everyone and is everyone's friend forever!


March Week 1: Jesus is YOUR Friend Forever!

Jesus is a friend to a Samaritan woman at a well, and He tells her that He is God's Son and wants to be her friend forever. Jesus wants to be your friend forever too!

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Owning It
Owning It

We live in a world filled with distractions and competing priorities. This five-week series, "Owning It," will explore the spheres of our lives where ownership is often neglected but desperately needed. Join us at our in-person or onlines campuses to discover how you can take back ownership of your life!

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