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    08.22.16 | Message Recap | by Meck Staff

    Conversation Starters What are you most looking forward to about the fall and back to school season? Discuss Read Mark 1:35 and Luke 5:16. What does these verses tell you about Jesus’ schedule? What does it say about how he...

      Meck Blog: 25 Truths

      02.13.16 | Message Recap | by Dr. James Emery White

      After the umpteenth email, tweet or call saying, “Could you say a few words about why they are myths” following my “25 Myths” blog, I gave in. Fortunately, most wanted just a few lines that could be used in general...

        Message Recap: Punishments

        02.03.16 | Message Recap | by Meck Staff

        Conversation Starters What do you think of the examples of colonial American punishments that were discussed in this message? Do you think the punishments were fair? Discuss In the newly formed nation of Israel, God was training up a...

          Meck Blog: 25 Myths

          02.02.16 | by Dr. James Emery White

          In their annual Gates Foundation Letter, Bill and Melinda Gates listed three stubborn myths about global development that drive them crazy: that poor countries are doomed to stay poor, that foreign aid is a big waste and that saving lives leads...

            Message Recap: The God of Two Testaments

            01.27.16 | Message Recap | by Meck Staff

            Conversation Starters What are some of the objections to Christianity and the God of the Bible you see floating around online or hear in person? Do you struggle to counter these objections? Discuss A. W. Tozer said in The Knowledge of the...